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Iowa Public Health Modernization

Modernizing Public Health

"What should every Iowan reasonably expect from local and state public health?"

A partnership between local and state public health is working to advance the quality and performance of public health in Iowa. Through the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa initiative, the partnership is defining basic standards of service delivery to all Iowans.

Modernizing Public Health in Iowa is a continuation of Redesigning Public Health in Iowa. Redesign focused on the development of the Iowa Public Health Standards, and developing a plan to implement those standards. Modernization in Iowa will focus on bringing about the actions described in the implementation plan. Both Redesign and Modernization are partnerships between local and state public health.

If you have questions about Modernizing Public Health in Iowa please contact Joy Harris, the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa Coordinator at 515-281-3377.

Latest Updates:

July, 2014

The Public Health Advisory Council is currently seeking feedback on two recommendations regarding Public Health Modernization.

  1. Endorse the PHAB standards as the framework for the quality improvement of public health in Iowa.
  2. Discontinue the concept of a state based accreditation system and develop a transition plan for the Iowa Public Health Standards.

The crosswalk below shows the relationship between the Iowa Public Health Standards and Version 1.5 of the PHAB standards. It has been developed as a resource for public health partners as these recommendations are considered.

Crosswalk IPHS and PHAB Version 1.5  Adobe Acrobat Logo