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I-Smart - Training Information

While I-SMART is "user friendly," training individual users is an important part of IDPH's effort to create and maintain it as the tool of choice for Iowa's substance abuse providers.

Training on the complete clinical system takes between one and a half to two days depending upon the size of the class and experience of the trainees. The first half day is focused on training administrative and support staff in use of the Agency, Facility, Staff, and Reports modules. The remaining 1.5 days is used to train agency clinical staff in use of the Clinical modules.

Training is completed when each individual user can access the training site and create and manage test-client cases on the application. IDPH provides trainings either at IDPH in our ten-computer training lab or at a community-based lab closer to the user's agency.

Scheduled Trainings

No general training sessions are being scheduled at this time. Please use the "Contact Us" page to request training or training information.