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I-Smart - User Comments

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Since 7/1/2005, the clinical staff at SASC has been using the I-SMART clinical management system agency-wide. We had a structured implementation plan that made the transition to I-SMART relatively simple for us.

Having a web-based system has significantly improved staff compliance with our clinical documentation requirements. Both clinical and management staffs are able to access the client record at any time making it simple to conduct case reviews and respond to requests for information by our referral sources. We continue to find new ways to use the system to improve what we do at SASC.

For those agencies that want a computerized clinical management system, but lack the resources to develop one on their own, I-SMART is an excellent option.
Diane Thomas, SASC Exec. Director

  • Having just hired three new staff, it's apparent the system is user friendly. Newly hired staffs were able to rapidly master navigation of the system.
  • The training site was extremely beneficial for training new staff on the system.
  • The system allows a supervisor to review client files without having to search for a paper file. When meeting with counselors to discuss their client cases, the system provides easy access to client information.
  • The design of the system requires that staffs proceed with documentation in a consistent and uniform manner. This has resulted in better clinical documentation.
  • Outside contractors (such as Federal Probation staff) have been very positive about the system and the uniformity of the case records.
Steve E., Treatment Supervisor

I really like the speed of using ISMART. I like that we can review the file and the notes without having to run and get the file. It is convenient.
Tracy G., Counselor

I love the ease of the pull down menus when devising treatment plans, but yet the freedom to add our own objectives when appropriate. My experience with treatment plans was typing them from scratch on the computer, which takes much time and leaves room for error. The ease of this system is wonderful.
Mikaela W., Counselor

I love the paperless file aspect of it, and just having that information right on my computer like that.
Cortney H., Counselor

I am happy with I-Smart so far. I feel that it saves me time, as I do not have to print/sign/punch and place paper into a file folder after each appointment. I don't think I would like to go back to the old system at this time.
Bill O., Counselor