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Each year, approximately 12,000 babies are born in the United States with permanent hearing loss. With 3 of every 1,000 newborns having a hearing loss, it is the most frequently occurring birth defect. Additionally, another 2 to 3 per 1,000 children will acquire a hearing loss after birth.

This page serves as a guide to assist you in finding information about hearing loss, reporting requirements and forms, and Web links to local, state and national resources.

Hearing Aids and Audiological Services Funding

Clinical Information and Educational Materials

Amplification, Implants and FM Systems  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection & Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Early Intervention and Language Development in Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing  This item links to an outside page

Genetics of Early Childhood Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Hearing Assessment in Infants and Children: Recommendations Beyond Neonatal Screening  Adobe Acrobat Logo

How Medical and Other Health Professionals Can Help Increase the Number of Infants Who Return for a Follow-up Evaluation  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Improving the System of Care for Infants and Children with Early Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Joint Committee on Infant Hearing Statement 2007

Pediatric Primary Care Physicians' Practices Regarding Newborn Hearing Screening  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Late Onset Hearing Loss in Infants and Young Children  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Loss to Follow-Up in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Medical Care for Sensorineural Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Needs Project Advisory Committee  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Mild and Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Pediatric Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Success of Infant Screening Creates Urgent Need for Better Follow-up  Adobe Acrobat Logo

US Preventative Task Force Recommendation  Adobe Acrobat Logo

EHDI Best Practices Manual

The purpose of the Iowa EHDI Best Practices Manual is to advance the development of a comprehensive statewide early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) system in Iowa. The manual is a guide to assist hospitals, birth centers, Area Education Agencies (AEAs), health care providers and private practice audiologists in developing programs and written protocols for newborn hearing screening, follow up and intervention.

EHDI Best Practices Manual  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Hospital Self-Rating Rubric  Adobe Acrobat Logo

EHDI Law and Administrative Rules

Law  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Administrative Rules  Adobe Acrobat Logo

EHDI Tokens

Changing Soft Pin Instructions  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Inactivate Token User Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

New User Request Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Token Replacement Request Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Token Change Request Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Token Receipt Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

EHDI Protocols

Newborn Hearing Screening Protocol  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Pediatric Diagnostic Audiologic Protocol  Adobe Acrobat Logo

High Risk Monitoring Protocol  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Paper Hearing Screening Reporting Form Protocol  Adobe Acrobat Logo

EHDI Reporting Forms

Newborn Hearing Screening Reporting Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Diagnostic Reporting Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

A Sound Beginning for Your Newborn Baby

Brochure of the Iowa Early Detection and Intervention System
Printed copies of the brochure may be requested from:
Tammy O'Hollearn
Iowa EHDI Coordinator
Phone:(515) 242-5639
(800) 383-3826
Fax:(515) 242-6013

A Sound Beginning Brochure - English  Adobe Acrobat Logo

A Sound Beginning Brochure - Spanish  Adobe Acrobat Logo


This handbook provides a page-by-page reference for navigating the eSCREENER Plus (eSP™) data system for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program.

eSCREENER Plus Manual  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Guide By Your Side

GBYS is a family support program for Iowa families who have an infant or toddler who has a hearing loss.

Guide By Your Side™ Program Page

Hearing Screening Equipment Vendors

Natus  This item links to an outside page
Manufacturer of ALGO® Newborn Hearing Screeners with AABR® technology and other manufacturers of OAE and AABR screening equipment.

Medical Technologies  This item links to an outside page
Midwest vendor for Bio-logic, Otodynamics and other manufacturers of OAE and AABR screening equipment.

Specialty Instruments, Inc.  This item links to an outside page
Vendor for Grason Stadler and other manufacturers of OAE and AABR screening equipment.

Need further assistance? You're encouraged to contact our audiology technical assistant for information regarding the experiences of other Iowa hospitals.

Emily Andrews, MA, CCC-A - Eastern half of Iowa (319) 384-6894
Nick Salmon, MS, CCC-A - Western half of Iowa (515) 576-5312
Lenore Holte, PhD, CCC-A - EHDI Lead Audiologist (319) 356-1168

Infant Hearing Screening Equipment Loaner Program

Are you having problems with your hearing screening equipment? The Iowa EHDI program has a limited number of loaner screening OAE units available for hospitals to use while their screening equipment is being repaired.

There is no charge for borrowing the equipment.

For information about loaner units, please contact:
Hearing Equipment Coordinator - (800) 272-7713
Lenore Holte - (319) 356-1168
Emily Andrews - (319) 384-6894
Bill Helms - (515) 450-1132

Iowa Audiologists

Iowa Board of Professional Licensure - Audiologists

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Resource Guide

Resource guide for parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Resource Guide  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Resource Guide(Spanish)  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Printed copies of the brochure may be requested from:
Tammy O'Hollearn
Iowa EHDI Coordinator
Phone:(515) 242-5639 or (800) 383-3826
Fax:(515) 242-6013

Iowa EHDI News - Your Sound Source for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Information

Program newsletter used to communicate with parents and professionals about newborn hearing screening in Iowa, including best practice and family stories.

Summer 2015  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Spring 2015  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Winter 2012  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Fall 2011  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Summer 2011  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Spring 2011  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Winter 2010  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Fall 2010  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Summer 2010  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Spring 2010  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Winter 2009  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Fall 2009  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Summer 2009  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Spring 2009  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Iowa EHDI Tips

Weekly EHDI Tips  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Newborn Hearing Screening and Diagnosis

Newborn Hearing Screening Questions

Hearing Checklist  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

List of Audiology Centers in Iowa and Bordering States  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Diagnosis of Hearing Loss

Communication Guide for Newborn Hearning Screening Results  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Tips for a Successful Screening Session  Adobe Acrobat Logo

CDC Podcasts Regarding the Importance of Hearing Screening, How to Detect Hearing Loss and Resources

English Podcast  This item links to an outside page

Spanish Podcast  This item links to an outside page

Parent Refusal Forms

Hospital Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Birth Center Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Other Provider Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

PCP Provider Flowsheet-Newborn Hearing Screening to Diagnosis of Hearing Loss

Guidelines for Medical Home Page 1  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Guidelines for Medical Home Page 2  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Diagnosis Checklist for Medical Home  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Questions and Answers

Early ACCESS - EHDI Questions and Answers Summary  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Resource Maps and Contacts Lists

Iowa Hearing Health Care Directory  Adobe Acrobat Logo

This directory is intended to serve as a resource for parents and professionals in locating a variety of pediatric audiology and hearing aid dispensing providers throughout Iowa. Audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and ear, nose, and throat doctors were invited to be listed in this directory. All providers who responded and provide pediatric hearing health care services to children have been included in this directory.

List of Audiology Centers in Iowa and Bordering States  Adobe Acrobat Logo

The centers listed below offer diagnostic services for infants and toddlers who have, or are suspected of having, hearing loss. The centers provide testing services, including auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing. All but four: Child Serve Therapies, Berry Audiology Center, AEA 9 and AEA 15, can offer sedation for testing when required. This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change.

Area Education Agencies  This item links to an outside page

Area Education Agencies work as educational partners with public and accredited, nonpublic schools to help students, school staff, parents and communities. AEAs provide special education support services, media and technology services, a variety of instructional services, professional development and leadership to promote school improvement.

Birthing Hospitals  Adobe Acrobat Logo

List of birthing hospitals in Iowa who offer outpatient hearing screens for babies delivered at their hospital.

Child Health Specialty Clinics  This item links to an outside page

CHSC is a public health program whose mission is to improve the health, development and well-being of children and youth with special health care needs. CHSC works in partnership with families, service providers, communities, and policymakers.

Iowa COMPASS  This item links to an outside page

Iowa COMPASS is Iowa's free, statewide information and referral service for people with disabilities, their families, service providers, and other members of the community.

Web Links

Disclaimer: The following list of Web links is not exhaustive, but a place to begin for those interested in learning more about early hearing detection and intervention programs, hearing loss, and family support. Each Web site below provides additional resources.

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