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Tips for Printing & Organizing Materials

Screening Tool

Print the screening tool for use with every client OR.
Laminate a copy of the tool for repeated use. Mark the client's responses with a dry erase marker.

Nutrition Education Modules
Consider using a unique color for each stage of change as displayed on the screening tools   Adobe Acrobat Logo. Example: Use pink for precontemplation/contemplation, yellow for preparation, and green for action/maintenance. Printing on red paper is not recommended because it is difficult to read.
Print the lesson plan on cardstock or heavier weight paper so that it will withstand repeated use.
Print take-home materials on colored paper to match the lesson plan or print on white paper with colored graphics. Hint: When take-home materials are used for more than one module, print them on white paper.
Print materials front-to-back English/Spanish if that meets the language needs of your clients and staff.

Organizing the Materials

Purchase a storage box for hanging files.
Consider using hanging files in the same colors as those used for printing lesson plans and other take-home materials.
Label the hanging files with the title of the module and the stage. Consider abbreviating the stages on the labels. Example: PC/C for precontemplation/contemplation, P for preparation, and A/M for action/maintenance.
Store all print materials for a given module in the hanging file including the lesson plan, take-home materials, recipes, books, and other materials.

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