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Child Health Centers

The Bureau of Family Health promotes the health of Iowa families by providing resources for health care services through public and private collaborative efforts. The Bureau of Family Health advocates for services that are family-centered, community-based, and culturally sensitive. Through these efforts, community entities are empowered to develop local health care systems that meet present and future health needs for children and families.

The Title V Child Health program funds 22 regionally based child health centers that provide child health services covering all 99 counties for children and youth ages 0 to 22 years. The child health program provides care coordination services to help families access the following regular and periodic screening services for their children:

  • history
  • physical examinations
  • vision and hearing screening
  • dental screening and education
  • anticipatory guidance
  • immunizations
  • psychosocial screening
  • developmental screening
  • nutrition counseling and assessment
  • laboratory tests including blood lead testing

Other Information

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  • 1-800-383-3826
  • You may also use the "Contact Us" page to submit questions online.