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This page contains an alphabetical listing of topics, divisions, bureaus and programs within the Iowa Department of Public Health.

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Backflow Assembly Testers

Barbering, Board of

Beach Monitoring  Non-IDPH Link

Behavioral Health, Division of

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Behavioral Science, Board of

Benefits, Health Benefit Exchange

Better Choices, Better Health (Chronic Disease Self-Management Program)

1-800 Bets Off

Bicycle Safety

Bidi Cigarettes Report  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Bids - Funding Opportunities

Birth Certificate

Birth Defects

Birth Defects Advisory

Blue Green Algae

Board, Athletic Training

Board, Barbering

Board, Behavioral Science

Board, Chiropractic

Board, Cosmetology

Board, Iowa Dental  Non-IDPH Link

Board, Dietetic

Board, Hearing Aid Dispenser

Board, Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired

Board, Massage Therapy

Board, Medicine, Iowa Board of  Non-IDPH Link

Board, Mortuary Science

Board, Nursing, Iowa Board of  Non-IDPH Link

Board, Nursing Home Administrators

Board, Optometry

Board, Pharmacy, Iowa Board of  Non-IDPH Link

Board, Physical and Occupational Therapy

Board, Physician Assistant

Board, Podiatry

Board, Psychology

Board, Respiratory Care

Board, Social Work

Board, Speech Pathology & Audiology

Body Piercing Report  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Bosnian Health Information


Brain Injuries, Advisory Council on

Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection

Breastfeeding Promotion Initiatives

BRFSS Summary Prevalence Reports  Non-IDPH Link


Bureau, Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology

Bureau, Center for Disaster Operations and Response

Bureau of Administration, Regulation & Licensure (Substance Abuse)

Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Bureau of Family Health

Bureau of Finance

Bureau of Health Statistics

Bureau of Immunization & TB

Bureau of Information Management

Bureau of Lead Poisoning Prevention

Bureau of Local Public Health Services

Bureau of Nutrition and Health Promotion

Bureau of Oral and Health Delivery Systems

Bureau of Planning Services

Bureau of Radiological Health

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Cancer, Breast

Cancer, Cervical

Cancer, Colorectal

Cancer, Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Carbon Monoxide

Cardiovascular Health

Care for Kids (EPSDT Care for Kids)

Care for Yourself Program, Breast & Cervical Cancer, and Cardiovascular Health for Women

Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology (CADE)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  Non-IDPH Link

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Spanish Version  Non-IDPH Link

Center for Disaster Operations and Response

Center of Local Public Health Services

Certificate, Birth

Certificate, Death

Certificate, Marriage

Certificate of Need

Cervical, Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection

Changing the Face of Cancer in Iowa: A State Plan for 2012-2017

Chemical Exposure - IDPH Toxicology Manual

Chef Charles

Child and Adolescent Health

Child Death Review Team

Child Health Center Dental Programs

Child Protection Centers

Childhood Immunization Program

Chiropractic, Board of


Chronic Diseases: A Critical Issue for Iowa  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Bureau of

Chronic Disease Reports

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (Better Choices, Better Health)

Clinicians Advisory Panel

Clostridium Difficle Fact Sheet

Clostridium perfringens Fact Sheet (Food Poisoning)

CODES -- Iowa Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System

Colleges, Health

Colorectal Cancer

Committees, Health Care Reform

Communicable Diseases for the Pregnant Health Care Professional Fact Sheet

Community Health Centers Map

Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Planning (CHNA & HIP)

Community Partnerships (Tobacco Use Prevention and Control)

Community Transformation Grant (CTG)


Congenital and Inherited Disorders, Center for

Conjunctivitis Fact Sheet (Pinkeye)

Consumer Product Safety

Contact Us

Co-Occurring Disorders

Core Exercise

Cosmetology, Board of

Critical Access Hospitals


Culturally Competent Substance Abuse Treatment Project



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Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib)

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Fact Sheet

Handwashing Fact Sheet

Hansen's Disease (Leprosy)

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Harmful Algal Blooms

hawk-i  This item links to an outside page

Head Injury, Advisory Council on Brain Injuries

Hazardous Waste Site Health Assessment

Health Alert Network (HAN)

Health Benefit Exchange

Health Delivery Systems, Bureau of Oral and

Health Care Provider Program, Volunteer

Health Care Reform Committees

Health Care Transformation, Office of

Health Facilities Council

Health Privacy Task Force  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention, Division of

Health Insurance, Covering Kids -- Outreach for Health Insurance Coverage

Health Statistics, Bureau of

Healthcare-associated Infection Prevention

Healthy Child Care Iowa (HCCI)

Healthy Communities e-Magazine

Healthy Families Line

Healthy Homes Initiative

Healthy Iowans

Healthy People  Non-IDPH Link

Hearing Aid Dispenser, Board of

Hearing, Newborn Screening

Heart, Cardiovascular Health

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (HDSP)Program

Helicobacter pylori Fact Sheet

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)

Hepatitis, Viral

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A Information

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Information

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Information

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D Information

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E Information

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountabilty Act

Histoplasmosis Information

Historical Photos, IDPH

Historical Retrospective, IDPH  Adobe Acrobat Logo

History, IDPH

HIV/AIDS Surveillance, Prevention, and Care

HIV Community Planning Group

Home Care Aide/Chore

Housing and Plumbing

HPSA Federal Dental Health Care Map

HPSA Federal Mental Health Catchment Areas Map

HPSA Federal Primary Health Care Map

HPV Vaccine Information

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IDPH, Contact Us

IDPH en Español

IDPH, News Archive

IDPH Newsletters

IDPH, Regulatory Programs - Regulatory Response Initiative

IDPH, What We Do

Immunization & TB, Bureau of

Immunization Program

Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS)

Immunization and Vaccines for Children (VFC)

Immunization Services Contract

Infectious Diseases


Information, News Archive

Information on Communicable Diseases for the Pregnant Healthcare Worker Fact Sheet

Information Management, Bureau of

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention, Falls

Insurance, Covering Kids -- Outreach for Health Insurance Coverage

Internships at the Iowa Department of Public Health

Iowa Adult Household Survey of Substance Use and Treatment Needs 1997-98   Non-IDPH Link

Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care Project Report  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care Project

Iowa Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Surveys

Iowa: Community Health Needs Assessment Data

Iowa Community Trasformation (CTG)

Iowa Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System -- CODES

Iowa Dept. of Public Health Annual Reports

Iowa Disease Surveillance System (IDSS)

Iowa e-Health

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention System

Iowa Emergency Medical Services Advisory

Iowa Get Screened: Colorectal Cancer

Iowa Health Fact Book  Non-IDPH Link

Iowa Health Focus Newsletter

Iowa's Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA maps)

Iowa Influenza Surveillance Network Reports (IISN)

Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME)  Non-IDPH Link

Iowa Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (FLEX) Program

Iowa Neonatal Metabolic Screening Program

Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (IPOST)

Iowa Prescription Drug Donation Repository Program

Iowa Public Health Data

Iowa Public Health Modernization

Iowa Public Health Data Tracking Portal

Iowa Registry for Congenital and Inherited Disorders (IRCID)

Iowa Small Rural Hospital Improvement (SHIP) Program

Iowa Smokefree Air Act  This item links to an outside page

Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center (Clearinghouse)  Non-IDPH Link

Iowa Youth Survey

Iowans Fit for Life


I-SERV (Iowa Statewide Emergency Registry of Volunteers)



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No Listings

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Parainfluenza Fact Sheet

Patient Autonomy in Health Care Decisions Pilot Project Advisory Council

Patient Safety

Perinatal Care Program, Statewide

Permits for Migrant Labor Camps

Permits to Operate X-Ray Machines, Radiation Therapy Machines, or Administer Radioactive Materials

Personal Education Responsibility Program


Pesticide Poisoning Surveillance Program

Pharmacy, Iowa Board of  Non-IDPH Link

Physical Activity

Physical and Occupational Therapy, Board of

Physician Assistant, Board of

Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (IPOST)

Physicians, Iowa Board of Medicine  Non-IDPH Link

Pick a better snackTM

Pink-Eye Fact Sheet

Pinworms Fact Sheet


Planning Services, Bureau of

Plumber and Mechanical Professional Licensing Act

Plumbing Code

Podiatry, Board of

Poison Ivy Fact Sheet


Pontiac Fever Fact Sheet

Pontiac Fever Fact Sheet (Health Professionals)

Pools and Spas

Pregnancy, decision making  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

Pregnant Healthcare Worker Information on Communicable Diseases Fact Sheet

Prenatal Care Project Report, Iowa Barriers to   Adobe Acrobat Logo

Prescription Drug Donation Repository Program

Press Releases

Primary Care Office

Primary Care for Children


Private Sector Drug Testing/Lab Approval

Problem Gambling, Help

Problem Gambling Treatment and Prevention

Professional Licensing Act, Mechanical and Plumber

Professional Licensure, Bureau of

Programs by Division  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Proposals - Funding Opportunities

Protect Iowa Health


Psychology, Board of

Public Health Data

Public Health Nursing

Public Health Data Tracking Portal

Public Health Week, National

Public Sector Immunization Assessment

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SAFE Community Network


Scabies Fact Sheet

School Dental Screenings

School-based Dental Sealant Programs

School Health

School Health Advisory Council

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral Treatment (SBIRT)

Secondary Conditions

Secondary Schools, Health

Secure Email Instructions

Senior Health Advisory

Senior Nutrition

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Sexual Assault

Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


SHIP, Iowa Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program

Sign Language Interpreters and Transliterators, Board

Site Map

Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program


Smokefree Air  This item links to an outside page

Smokeless Tobacco Facts

Social Work, Board of

Spas and Swimming Pools

Spanish Health Information

Speech Pathology & Audiology, Board of

State Epidemiological Outcome Workgroup (SEOW)

State Innovation Model (SIM)

State Library of Iowa  Non-IDPH Link

State of Iowa  Non-IDPH Link

State Office of Rural Health

State Medical Examiner's Office

Statewide Perinatal Care Program

Statistics, Chronic Diseases and Vital Statistics

Statistics, Health

STD/HIV Surveillance

Stop Violence Against Women Project

Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG)

Streptococcus Pneumonia

Stroke, Cardiovascular Health

Substance Abuse - Access To Recovery

Substance Abuse (Administration, Regulation & Licensure)

Substance Abuse, Bureau of

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training

Substance Abuse Treatment Program Licensure (Administration, Regulation & Licensure)

Substance Abuse Reporting Program

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Suicide Prevention

Swimming Pools and Spas

Synar / Tobacco Compliance Checks

Syndromic Surveillance

Syphilis Fact Sheet

Syphilis Fact Sheet (Health Professionals)

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