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Smokefree Air Act

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What is the Iowa Smokefree Air Act?

In the spring of 2008, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation to protect most Iowans from Secondhand Smoke. The Smokefree Air Act prohibits smoking in almost all public places and enclosed areas within places of employment, as well as some outdoor areas.

The law applies to: restaurants, bars, outdoor entertainment events and amphitheaters. It also covers places of employment such as office buildings, health care facilities, and child care facilities. Smoking is allowed on the gaming floor of a licensed casino, as well as designated hotel and motel rooms.

The Iowa Smokefree Air Act website can be found here

FAQs about the Smokefree Air Act can be found here.

To order up to 10 Smokefree Air Act stickers (for businesses or vehicles) please call 515.281.6225

Smokefree Apartments and Housing


Smokefree Apartments and Housing

We are working with property owners and apartment managers to adopt voluntary smokefree multi-unit housing policies. More information about this work can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we are asked all the time. If you want more information please visit the Smokefree Air Act website or call us at 888.944.2247


a) Smoke-free apartments: smoking inside an individual’s apartment is not a violation of the Smokefree Air Act unless the apartment is part of a long-term care facility.

b) E-cigs: Electronic cigarettes are not covered under Iowa law. Individual owners/managers can prohibit the use of these devices if they so choose.

c) Footage from door: The Iowa Smokefree Air Act does not specify a footage from a door or window that a person must be in order to smoke. The law generally only requires that they are not in an enclosed area. A few outside areas are covered under the law but the law contains no distance requirement.

d) General smoking outside: The law does not specify that a person cannot smoke near a door, window or other entrance to a non-smoking section. There are a couple of specific instances where the ‘smell of smoke’ is prohibited but none of those instances involves a person’s smoke coming from outside to inside a building.