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Ebola is the main infectious disease threatening Iowans at this time.


It’s understandable the public has been watching coverage of the Ebola outbreak and is concerned about that infectious disease. While Ebola is grabbing headlines, IDPH reminds Iowans of the need to remember it is the flu that poses the highest risk to the health of Iowans. IDPH estimates an average of 300,000 Iowans get the flu every year and together, flu and its complication of pneumonia cause an average of 1,000 deaths yearly in Iowa. There is no vaccine for Ebola, but there are several good vaccines for the flu. The most effective way to prevent influenza illness and death is the yearly flu vaccine.

For information about the Ebola virus, the outbreak in West Africa, and how Iowa is prepared for the possibility of an imported case of Ebola, click here.

To learn about influenza and how Iowa conducts influenza surveillance, click here.

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