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Vaccine Storage and Handling

Protecting your vaccine supply is critical. Failure to adhere to recommended specifications for vaccine storage and handling can reduce potency, resulting in an inadequate immune response in the patients. Vaccine quality is the responsibility of all handlers of the vaccine from the time a vaccine is manufactured until administration. To protect inventory and minimize vaccine loss, healthcare providers should develop and routinely review storage and handling plans, provide staff education and exercise plans to respond to improper storage and handling events.

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Program News:

Discontinue Use of Dormitory Refrigerators
Posted: Monday, Jan 28, 2013

A new requirement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eliminates the use of dormitory or bar-style refrigerator/freezer units for storage of federally purchased vaccines under any circumstances, including temporary storage. All VFC providers who use dorm-style units to store federally purchased VFC vaccines are required to replace it with a recommended storage unit by December 31, 2013.

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