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Health Benefit Exchange
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What is the Health Benefit Exchange (Marketplace)?

Who We Are

Beginning in 2014, tens of millions of Americans will have access to health coverage through newly established Exchanges (Marketplaces) in each State. Individuals and small businesses can use the Marketplace to purchase affordable health insurance from a choice of products offered by qualified health plans. The Marketplace will ensure that participating health plans meet certain standards and facilitate competition and choices by rating health plans’ quality. Individuals and families purchasing health insurance through the Marketplace may qualify for premium tax credits and reduced cost-sharing if their household income is between 138% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. The Marketplace will also coordinate eligibility and enrollment with Medicaid and CHIP (the hawk-i program).

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Iowa's Interagency Workgroup

Iowa has formed a Health Benefit Exchange Interagency Workgroup with the Iowa Insurance Division, Iowa Department of Human Services, and Iowa Department of Public Health.

Iowa Insurance Division Exchange Website