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Prevention Task Force

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The Prevention Task Force looks at activities that the Council can support or be involved in that would prevent or reduce the number or severity of brain injuries in the state of Iowa. These activities over the years have included supporting legislation that would make motorcycle and bicycle helmets mandatory in the state of Iowa, support of legislation that made seat belts mandatory in Iowa and recent support for more strict child passenger restraint legislation, funding the distribution of bicycle helmets to children through the SAFE KIDS Coalitions in Iowa, and support of local initiatives that would also further the goal of preventing or reducing brain injury in Iowa.

Bicycle Helmet Distribution

The Advisory Council on Brain Injuries wants to decrease the number of TBIs cause by falls off of bicycles by promoting helmet use in all populations, especially among children. One activity of the prevention task force has been to distribute bicycle helmets across Iowa in collaboration with the IDPH Children's EMS program.

To learn more about the IDPH Children's EMS injury prevention program Click Here.

CDC Heads Up Bike Helmet factsheet

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