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1st Five - Healthy mental development in the first five years

Healthy mental development in the first five years

Welcome to 1st Five

What is 1st Five?

1st Five is a public-private partnership bridging primary care and public health services in Iowa. The 1st Five model supports health providers in the earlier detection of social-emotional and developmental delays and family risk-related factors in children birth to 5 and coordinates referrals, interventions and follow-up.

Sam's story shows how 1st Five works.

1st Five Model

1st Five's Reach in Iowa 2007-2012

  • 7 Coordinating sites
  • 13 Iowa counties
  • 83 Health practices
  • 284 Providers
  • 77,000 - Estimated number of children birth to age 5 reached
  • 4,985 - Families referred from health providers into 1st Five
  • 11,736 - Connections from 1st Five out to community services
  • 3.25 - Community connections made for each family engaged in 1st Five care coordination 33% -> 93% - Share of health providers including comprehensive developmental assessment before and after 1st Five involvement